E-Portfolio OZ Literature

Hey everyone,

in this entry I want to reflect which insights the study of Australian literature and art gave me as part of human experience.

When I arrived in Australia I had almost no knowledge about the history, landscape, animals, people and their attitude. OZ literature helped me to understand things I experienced here better. Beside it was an interesting journey through all the poems, novels, and literature art pieces which definitely opened my mind and supported me to gain new ideas and thoughts.

At the beginning it was sometimes hard to follow the lectures and tutorials for me. But the blog entries gave me the chance to express myself in a creative and thoughtful way which was not always possible in the tutorials. I can say that I really started to enjoy the blogging and receiving and giving kind and constructive comments. Thanks everyone who took the time to comment on my blog. Especially the comments with constructive critic. This includes also comments on my grammar and spelling. I think OZ literature was a great opportunity to improve my writing. I experienced that creative writing is something which I really enjoy.

I wish I would have been able to understand more of the poems and issues in the tutorials because I absolutely enjoy talking about deeper topics but sometimes I had the feeling that I could not participate in the discussions because of the language. Anyway I improved my understanding of literature, language and Australian culture in this class. Thank you!

I wish you all the best for your exams and a great semester break afterwards,






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International student from Germany. Keen to learn more about Australia.

One thought on “E-Portfolio OZ Literature”

  1. Lovely entry Carlos! Thoughtful AND well expressed. So pleased to hear that this was a space that actually helped you to make more connections with both the literature and the class!! It was great having you with us!.
    * literature art pieces = ?? literature and art pieces
    *Especially the comments with constructive critic.= Especially the comments with constructive criticism…
    Otherwise- all pretty good 🙂


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