A life simply is

Hey fellas,

in this blog I want to talk about the idea which appeared in the tutorial today. It is about the question about what life is and if it has a sense. We were reading David Malouf´s novel fly away peter. On page 140 at the end of the second paragraph Malouf wrote

“A life wasn´t for anything. It simply was.”

I think this idea is very deep and interesting but a neverending question of humanity about what life is and if it has a sense. What he wrote gave me the feeling that we make life more complicated than it is. For me this quote expresses that we should simply enjoy life, feel life, live life and not worry all the time about what things are about. In my opinion everything has a sense but maybe it has a reason that we are not able to answer this question? Or try to ask google.

Feel free to state your point of view!






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