Circular attitude

the most important and interesting idea in Indigenous literature is the view of life as a cycle. This means that we all need what mother earth created and that we do not own anything. Indigenous culture is based on sharing but western society often acts very arrogant and indiscriminate especially with our nature. I am fascinated and curious about the way they are connected with the nature. The poet Kevin Gilbert expresses this attitude in an incredible way in his poem “Tree”.

“[..] earth and God and man is nothing until they fuse and become a total sum of something together fuse to consciousness of all and every sacred part aware alive in true affinity.”

(Macquarie Pen Anthology of Aboriginal Literature 84)
As Yothu Yindi says “We don´t own mother earth the earth owns us” we should change our thinking. This is a treaty from which we can not escape.


Log out

Log in

In real life

Not follow

But follow

The tracks outside

Not listen to music

Listen to sounds

The nature provides


Hope you can make sense out of it. Enjoy the Easter time!

See you soon,

Carlos Gomez





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International student from Germany. Keen to learn more about Australia.

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